ACE Group provides the widest range of road marking machines for sale, from thermoplastic road painting machines, cold paint line marking machines, self-propelled pavement striping equipment and hand-push road marking equipment to thermoplastic paint pre-heater and road line removal machines. As one of Asia's leading road machinery manufacturers, we also offer second-hand automatic pavement painting facilities to customers throughout the world.

Road marking machine price ranges widely from $1,000 to $120,000, mainly depended on the types and configurations. It also needs to be kept in mind that the paint and even the fuel should be taken into account when you are estimating the total cost for striping your target roads.

Road Marking Machines For Sale

Road marking machines for sale in South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Sweden, UK, Kenya, Malaysia, Philippines, Qatar, Pakistan, UAE, Ethiopia, Bangladesh have been well accepted, no matter the road painting equipment comes from local manufacturers or transnational suppliers. Road line marking machines for sale in some cities like Chennai, Johannesburg, Nagpur, Durban, etc. are notably wanted. All these indicates that the demands for pavement striping machines throughout the world are still on the rise strongly. This is a good era for those owning such small devices due to the huge amount of work they can participate in. Compared with asphalt plants, road marking machines are smaller and their prices are correspondingly lower. They can be a good choice if you are attempting to enter the road construction industry and you are temporarily in shortage of money to buy other bigger equipment.

bsal driving-type thermoplastic road marking machine exported to vietnams
AC-BSAL Exported To Vietnams
AC-FHDP Road Marking Machine Exported To Philippines
AC-FHDP Exported To Philippines
ssal driving-type thermoplastic road line marking machine exported to the middle east
AC-SSAL Exported To The Middle East
AC-HPT Road Marking Machine Exported To Zambia
AC-HPT Exported To Zambia


1. What Types of Road Painting Machine Are There?
Categorization of pavement striping equipment is not one thing that can be articulated in one sentence. They can be divided into hand-push type, self-propelled type, driving type, etc. based on different driving modes. By the way, the hand-push road lineation machine has another visual name-walk behind the painting machine. All the paving striping machines could fall into thermoplastic pavement marking machines and cold paint pavement marking machines according to the applied marking materials. Two-component line marking machines, as a kind of high-end road marking facility, is becoming the most favorite ones. This new type of road striping machine can coat the road surface with paint film by the means of internal chemical cross-linking, other than physical drying which is broadly adopted on thermoplastic road marking machines and cold paint airless pavement marking equipment.

2. How To Choose A Road Line Marking Machine?
First, according to the type of road painting, determine whether you need a cold paint road striping machine, thermoplastic pavement painting equipment, or two-component road striping equipment.

Second, select the size of the pavement lining equipment according to the scale of the construction work. Driving-type and vehicle-mounted striping machines are generally used for long-distance continuous marking operations. The walk-behind self-propelled marking machine has high flexibility and is suitable for small-scale marking operations in urban areas and highways. The hand-push lineation machine is suitable for short-distance sidewalk and zebra crossing drawing construction.

3. How To Remove Road Marking Paint?
The answer is road line removal machine. Unlike the pavement striping equipment, which is designed to draw lines on the road surface, pavement painting removal machines equipped with a built-in cutter or grinder is used to remove the broken, stained, and wrong traffic paint. It is usually used in conjunction with road striping machines in road maintenance work. So in a broad sense, road line removal machines can be considered as one type of road line marking equipment.

4. What Type of Paint Is Used For Road Painting?
The commonly used road marking paints are mainly cold paint , thermoplastic paint, and two-component road marking paint.

The thermoplastic paint is a solid powder at room temperature. The paint is put into the melting kettle during construction, and the temperature is controlled between 180°C and 210°C. After being melted, it is put into the heat preservation hopper. And then the molten paint is introduced into the bucket for marking.

Cold paint can be directly applied for marking without heating. Dilute the marking paint directly, and draw lines with a brush, roller, or cold paint road painting machine. The color is clear and the process is relatively simple.

The pavement marking film of the two-component paint is firm, the internal structure is compact, and the service life is the longest. In areas with a lot of ice and snow, the damage to the line caused by snow shovels can be avoided.

5. How long Do Road Markings Last?
It is mainly related to the paint used, and the durability of each painting is different. Thermoplastic coatings use the thermoplasticity of synthetic resins to make the markings adhere firmly to the road surface. Generally, they can be used for about 2 years. The cold paint is composed of modified acrylic resin, pigments, fillers, additives, and other materials, and generally lasts 3-6 months.

6. What Are Glass Beads Used For?
The purpose of the glass beads in the pavement lineation paint is to increase the reflection effect at night and improve the safety of driving. The principle of reflection is that when the car lights are irradiated on the surface of the glass bead, the light is refracted into the glass bead. After reaching the bottom of the glass bead and contacting the coating, it is reflected back by the coating, enabling the driver to see the road ahead clearly at night without street lights.