Reasons Why the Road Markings Fall Off

1. Road was not carefully cleaned in the marking process, dirt and other impurities influenced the adhesion between road and paint, resulting in separation. 
2. The base oil was not dry enough before the marking process. The function of base oil is to enhance the connection between marks and roads. If the base oil is still wet, it can’t play an efficient role. Also lacking of base oil is the same.

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Comparison of Different Road Marking Removers

As an important part of traffic construction, road markings have many roles like guiding the direction, separate ways, speed reminding, etc. If people want to renew the marking layout, or the old markings are so blurring that need replacement, the road marking removers will come in convenient.

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Classification of the Road Marking Machine

According to the carrier:
Driving-type road marking machine: can be ride and driven, marking devices are attached at the front and back. It’s suitable for large project like long-distance marking. Operators should have driver license.

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Reasonable Selection of Road Marking Paint for Different Roads

According to the researches and construction technology of road marking paints, we advise that operators choose different marking paint for different roads, different areas and different marking types.

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Traffic Signs Classifications

1. Traffic signs can be mainly classified as main signs and auxiliary signs.

Main signs are divided into:

a. Indication signs: indicate how people get to ways and places they want to. Such as straight way, turn left, turn right, one-way traffic, pedestrian street, etc.

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Price-off Promotions on Chinese National Festival

To celebrate the 66th China national day, our company decided to offer a discount for our clients. During this period of time, our product's prices will be reduced based on the total value. We are sure you will find a satisfying road marking machine here. You can send us an email or submit an inquiry to us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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