Reasonable Selection of Road Marking Paint for Different Roads

According to the researches and construction technology of road marking paints, we advise that operators choose different marking paint for different roads, different areas and different marking types.

1. Solid lines on highways can adopt thermoplastic road marking paint, two-component road marking paint and water-based paint since cars mostly go between the lines rather than run over them on highways, so there is less abrasion on highways. But it requires highly on the light reflection, as the thermoplastic road marking paint can meet the requirement and has the best cost performance, it should be your top choice. The two-component road marking paint and water-based paint are also optional because they can be firmly bonded to the road and glass beads with high wear-resistance.

2. Dotted lines on highways can use the abrasion-resisting paint since it’s often drawn on the lane-changing parts and joint parts, having more contact with tire. The thermoplastic screeding paint has thicker layer and it is quite anti-abrasion. It’s suitable for this job.

3. At the turns and accident prone areas on highways, you can use the antiskid paint and bumped vibrating reflective coatings to increase the friction coefficient. The colored antiskid paint can also raise drivers’ cautiousness. The vibrating reflective coating will tell the driver when they are off tracking by the vibration, and the bumped part makes the lines look clearly even in rainy nights.

4. Turns of city roads, crossroads, commercial areas, school vicinity should apply the bumped vibrating reflective coatings and colored antiskid paint. These paints can focus drivers’ attention, reduce car speed, and prevent slides. More importantly, the colored paint decorates the city.

5. Cement pavement can use the thermoplastic road marking paint. The cement has bad bonding performance with organic coatings. So the thermoplastic marking paint is more cost-saving than the screeding paint.

6. Old pavement should use coatings with the service time not exceeding its next overhaul. Old pavement surface is in poor condition, it won’t last long to be overhauled. It’s not economic that the durability of marking paint is longer than the pavement itself. So, the thermoplastic spraying road marking paint and water-based paint are good choices.