Auxiliary Equipment

AC-RMR thermoplastic road line removal machine
AC-RMR thermoplastic road line removal machine is specialized for clearing away the broken, stained and wrong marking lines. Imported tungalloy cutter is hard and high speed rotating, with long service life, and easy to assemble.

AC-BR cold paint road line removal machine
AC-BR cold paint road line removal machine is specialized for removing cold solvent marking lines and hard waste. With the excellent performance, especially used for clean old road surface, waste oil, mud, and semi-loose sand, without destroying the road surface.

AC-WRC Wind Force Road Cleaner
AC-WRC wind force road cleaner is used to completely clean remaining sandstones and dust before marking road lines, to improve the road marking construction quality & working efficiency. High rotated speed, large wind power can absolutely clean the pavement.

AC-HP Hand-push Pre-marker
AC-HP hand push pre-marker can mark the pre-marking freely according to the requirements of construction and can accomplish 1 - 4 lines independently, greatly improves the construction efficiency. Personalized handle bar design conforming to ergonomic requirements, it's height can be adjusted.

AC-RB Roll Booster
AC-RB roll booster is a kind of chair following a self-propelled or hand-push road marking machine and other road marking equipment, to realize sitting type machine. Type II, installed with driving device, can supply driving force for the connected machine.

AC-PS Primer Sprayer
AC-PS Primer Sprayer is used to evenly spray primer onto the ground, to enhance the adhesion of thermoplastic road marking paint and ground.