Roundness Ratio Requirement of Glass Beads for Reflective Road Markings

Reflective glass beads play a role of retro-reflection in the road marking paint to make road markings reflective.

The reflective performance of road lines is formed that car lights will be reflected back to the driver's eye by glass beads in the marking paint. Each glass beads protrusion of the coating surface is a reflective element, when car lights incident on glass beads, the incident light in the glass beads refracted at its inner and is reflected back in the direction of light source, on the reflection coating layer formed by the bottom of the glass beads and paint coatings.

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Key Equipment and Workers of Road Marking Construction

Main equipment required for road marking construction contractors: 1 self-propelled road marking vehicle; 2 hand-pushed road marking machines; 1 zebra crossing machine; 1 double cylinder hot-melt kettle; 1 pre-marking machine; 2 transport vehicles. (1 primer machine, 1 sweeping machine or 1 road marking removal machine is optional.)

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HS Code for Road Marking Machine Export and Import

HS Code

HS is short for Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, also known as the Harmonized System of tariff nomenclature, is an internationally standardized system of names and numbers to classify traded products.

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Key Technologies of AC Driving-type Spraying Road Marking Machine

Road pavement marking machine applying situation

There are two main types of ordinary road marking machines in recent years: vehicle-mounted and hand-push type. The truck-mounted-type and hand-pushed type are applied in different working sites for driving speed discrepancy. However, they are both spraying the pressurized paint onto the road surface. As to road marking vehicle, driving speed is relatively high, the efficiency of marking pavement lines is high. Therefore, it was commonly used in the highway and city roads.

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Category and Model of Road Marking Machine

Road marking machine is one kind of road construction and maintenance equipment widely used for marking lines on urban roads, pavement ,highway or in parking lots, airport and squares , which is aimed to striping different lines to restrain, guide and warning people. It was specially used for traffic safety industry, and also called traffic lines marking machines, pavement marking equipment or pavement striping machine.

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