Key Technologies of AC Driving-type Spraying Road Marking Machine

Road pavement marking machine applying situation

There are two main types of ordinary road marking machines in recent years: vehicle-mounted and hand-push type. The truck-mounted-type and hand-pushed type are applied in different working sites for driving speed discrepancy. However, they are both spraying the pressurized paint onto the road surface. As to road marking vehicle, driving speed is relatively high, the efficiency of marking pavement lines is high. Therefore, it was commonly used in the highway and city roads.

Common problems of marking quality

Most road line markings exist many problems, such as short service life, some appear blurred traces or peeling even a month after painting. Therefore, repeating marking road lines is required, but when re-marking, low repeat accuracy of the new line and the old line commonly caused confusion and non-coincidence, which does not comply with the relevant regulations. Besides, many roads marking lines are not clear, clean, and some segments have glitches, and some have serious paint flow phenomenon, neither meets the requirements nor reach the highway beautification purposes.

Causes of the above problems can be summarized into three aspects of technical problems.

1. Spraying pressure is not enough, which affecting the marking quality
2. Inappropriate injection components and incorrect use caused the glitch, paint flow phenomena
3. Imperfect marking machine control system, lead poor performance of old road lines repeating.

To solve the above problem, the Dayu brands road marking machine solved the problem of the aspects from fundamental design, improved the road marking machine performance. Ride-type road paint spray marking machine (AC-BSAL, AC-MSAL) was finally perfected after repeated testing and improvement and became the ideal choice for road marking construction.

dy telligent driving-type road marking machine

1. Paint spraying pressure of AC road marking machine

The spray pressure of most road marking machines is generally not high enough, so the paint coating is thin. Actual application results proved that common cold paint road markings, for example, the service life is almost is usually 2 to 4 months, and some began to peel off and become blurred even a month after coated. Due to the low pressure, the paint coating film is thin, and the adhesion of paint film to the ground is poor. The coating film on the road needs a long-time gradually seeping into the road surface and dry out. So the traffic would be affected for longer time. Therefore, a new high-pressure pump should be the start to improve spray pressure and ensure pavement striping quality.

AC-BSAL road line marking machine applied double high-pressure airless pumps increased the spraying pressure, with maximum pressure 25MPa and pump flow 20L/min. Under the high pressure, road paint was sprayed and jet onto the road surface and penetrating the pores in the pavement material. The adhesion of paint to the road surface is strong and road marking is fast drying. The increased paint flow increases the paint coating thickness up to 0.5mm. Line markings painted by this AC-BSAL marking machine was proved with service life at least up to 6 months, and marking line was clean and beautiful, with no glitches, no paint flow, completely meet the requirements.

2. Reasonably select and use jetting and spraying components

Jetting components of road marking machine should be selected reasonably according to the road lines requirements and machine working ways. The commonly used paint jetting assembly is a spraying nozzle, but different types of spraying nozzles vary in optimal spray distance and angle range. The spraying nozzle should be arranged in the corresponding position of the road marking machine in the best range. The spray nozzle is too high to the road surface, nozzle range increases, the line width increases, the lines are not clear, and the film thickness decreases; when the nozzle is too low, painting range decreases, the film thickness increase, drying time prolonged, and easy to cause paint flow phenomenon. Selected paint nozzle should be consistent with the performance of road paint. AC-BSAL road marking machine was equipped with three pneumatic spray guns with a hard-edged cylindrical nozzle. The non-arc-type nozzle ensures the marking lines straight and exact. And the rack of spray guns is automatic equal-distant to the road surface, Paint spray width can be adjusted freely. Ensure the highly atomized paint was sprayed evenly and coating uniform thickness, clear line.

3. Control system is the core and key technologies for a road marking machine--PLC control system

Control system is the core part and key technologies of the road marking machine. Some road lining machine was equipped with a manual control system, the machine operator needs more tension and pays more labor work. The road marking accuracy is difficult to be mastered. The operators need to entirely rely on the experience of pavement marking work to draw pavement markings to meet the requirements. AC-BSAL road marking machine adopts the advanced PLC microelectronic control system, ensuring the marking machine fully intelligent. The intelligent control system can be freely programmed and automatically set a single solid line and double solid line, dashed line, etc. For screeding type marking machine as AC-SPTC, self-propelled hand-held convex line marking machine, with the PLC intelligent controller, the operator can choose line patterns freely according to the needs of customers, and set number, length, height, and pitch of the bumps.

This intelligent control system can convert the driving speed of the vehicle into an electric signal, then input to the controller. The controller can set the length proportion of the marking line to request. Optical-electric signal compatible with the digital controller, control automatic gun work by set parameter, drawing out a marking line with the ideal requirements. PLC control system enables the road marking machines automatic control paint spraying in the whole marking work once setting line parameters when starting work., reduced the impact of human factors, significantly improved the quality of markings. When repeat marking on the old line, but the road striping machine at the beginning of the old line, set the original parameters and ratio of the old pavement line, then the road striper can coat a new paint film on the original old line. The error ratio is less than 1%.


Special design and innovation was done to AC-BSAL ride type road marking machine to solve and avoid common problems from marking system, the spray gun structure, and control system.

High-pressure pump ensured the marking paint well atomized, enhanced adhesion to the field, availed coating falling from the ground. High paint flow pump made paint coating much thicker, stronger wear resistance. A coating tank equipped with inner hydraulic stirrer ensures the paint mixture was adequate and even mixed. Spray gun rack can be flexibly adjusted according to road surface condition, which ensures uniform thickness marking film. The intelligent AC-BSAL road marking machine can competent road marking works of the various markings and signs requirements in a home and abroad, such as dotted road centerline, single solid center line and double solid centerline, the alternate dotted and solid center line and so on. AC-BSAL ride type marking machine completely avoids the factors impact of the road marking quality issues and solved the problem of old marking lines repeating is a highly efficient, intelligent road marking equipment. And the precise and stable microelectronic control system can be operated easily by green-hand operators!