Spraying, Screeding, Convex, What is the Difference between Them?

Spraying, screeding, convex, they are the most common construction technology of road marking. There are many differences between them in the principle, paint, width, line style, construction speed, etc. Let us describe them in detail one by one. You can learn more about the construction technology of road marking by watching the road marking videos.


Picture 1, Spraying

Picture 1, AC-BSAL cold paint airless spaying road marking machine is working in the construction site. All liquid paints can be applied by spraying, especially the paint that having good flowability, such as cold solvent paint, water-based paint. Thermoplastic paint, two-component paint also can be applied by spraying. In addition to the paint bucket and control system, the spraying type road marking machine usually equipped with pumping system and piping, nozzles, etc. ( Picture 2 )

Picture 2, Spraying System

The advantage of spraying:
1. Fast construction speed.
2. Low requirements on the smoothness and cleaness of the pavement.
3. Marking width can be easily adjusted by adjusting the distance between the nozzle and the road surface.


Picture 3, Screeding

Picture 3, AC-HPT thermoplastic screeding road marking machine is working in the construction site. The coatings with plasticity can be applied by screeding, such as thermoplastic road marking paint, two-component road marking paint. The cold solvent road marking paint and water-based road marking paint can’t be applied by screeding. Screeding road marking machine adopts special marking shoe to wipe the road marking paint evenly onto the pavement, just like using an screed to level the wet concrete.

Picture 4, Marking Shoes

The line width is limited by the width of the marking shoe, if you want to change the width of the line, you must replace the marking shoe. ( Picture 4 ) Before you marking the pavement by screeding machinery, you must make sure that the pavement is clean and smooth. While screeding marking with these restrictions, but screeding marking technology can make the perfect line and edge, is the most popular way of road marking.


Picture 5, Convex Marking

Picture 5, AC-SPTC thermoplastic convex road marking machine is working in the construction site. Just like the screeding technology, coatings with plasticity, such as thermoplastic road marking paint, can be applied by convex technology. The marking shoe of convex road marking machine is more complex than the marking shoe of screeding road marking machine. Convex road marking machine can mark small convex blocks on the pavement regularly, by it’s special structure and control system. When the car rolled over the small convex blocks, shock will occur, it will effectively warn the tired drivers to enhance traffic safety.