AC-SPTC Self-propelled Thermoplastic Convex Road Marking Machine

AC-SPTC-I/II Self-propelled Thermoplastic Convex Road Marking MachineAC-SPTC Self-propelled road marking machine integrated the micro-computer system, sensing system, air compressor, driving system, etc with one machine, can finish convex road line marking one time. It is completely conform to the international vibrating and reflective standards, and with stronger deformation resistance.

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Technical Data

Engine Kohler 6.0 HP or Robin 6.0 HP gasoline engine
Air compressor 0.6 m3/min
Heating Mode Liquefied petroleum gas, infrared burner
Paint tank capacity 65 L
Glass beads bin 14 L
Marking equipment Pneumatic convex line marking shoe, standard configuration 150 mm
Marking width 100 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm (optional)
Marking thickness Bottom line 1.0 mm - 2.5 mm (adjustable); convex height 3.0 mm - 7.0 mm (adjustable)
Control system Digital intelligent line type control system
Knob controller
Dimensions (L*W*H) 1420 mm × 1070 mm × 1120 mm
Weight 248 kg
Optional system Standing trailer, electric start, warning light, lighting lamp


1. It is suitable for city road and highway small road marking work.
2. The advanced driving system can control the forward, reverse and stop.
3. The screeding marking shoe makes the marking line beautiful.
4. The automatic quantitative glass beads dispenser makes the glass beads spraying even and saving.
5. The back fixed caster makes the machine go straight and turning freely.
6. The standing trailer, electric start, warning light and lighting lamp is optional.


AC-SPTC thermoplastic road marking machineAC-SPTC thermoplastic road marking machine 01AC-SPTC thermoplastic road marking machine 02

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