How to Pick Out the Right Road Marking Equipment?

Are there too many road marking equipment to choose from? Don't worry, if you get a road marking work, but not familiar with the road marking industry, please click here, tell us which paint do you use and where do you want to mark, leave your name, email and message to us, we will give you the professional solution in 24 hours. Or you can read the following of this article to learn more about the road marking industry and pick out the right road marking equipment for you.

If you want to do a road marking works, firstly, you need to figure out the following questions.

1.The Paint
In different countries or regions, there are different standards of road marking paints. You can buy very many different road marking paints in the market, these paints can be divided into three basic categories: thermoplastic, cold solvent ( water based ), two-component.

2.The Volume
For example, the total length of road marking lines, the period of construction.

3.The Line Type
Common line type include solid, dashed, zebra crossing, vibrating (convex) lines.

convex road lines marking

Under the applicable paints, we divide our road marking machines into three categories: thermoplastic road marking machine, cold paint road marking machine and two-component road marking machine. In each category, according to the construction efficiency, we divide our road marking machines into three types: driving-type > self-propelled > hand-push, the driving-type has three size: big > middle > small. You can choose the right machine according to the volume of your work. For example, if you have a long highway that need to mark, using thermoplastic paint, you'd better buy a AC-BTSC big size driving-type thermoplastic road marking machine.

In addition, if you use thermoplastic road marking paint, in addition to the thermoplastic marking machine, you'd better buy a pre-heater. Pre-heaters are matched with thermoplastic road marking machine and used for melting thermoplastic paint, saving fuel energy and heating time, improving the construction efficiency.

Generally, our road marking machine can do both the solid line and the dashed line, if you want to do the vibrating (convex) lines, you just need to change the marking shoe. We designed some special road marking equipment, AC-SPTP and AC-HPTP, to do the zebra crossing.

We also supply some auxiliary equipment, the auxiliary equipment can effectively reduce the overall cost of the road marking construction, improve the road marking construction efficiency and quality, increase the road marking construction safety and environmental protection.