AC-SPTP Self-propelled Thermoplastic Screeding Pedestrian Road Marking Machine

AC-SPTP Self-propelled Thermoplastic Screeding Pedestrian Road Marking MachineAC-SPTP is a forward self-propelled thermoplastic pedestrian road marking machine, forward type operation overcomes the disadvantages of backward moving. AC-SPTP make road marking construction much easier, faster and more efficient, and better marking quality.

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Technical Data

Engine Kohler or Honda 3.0 HP air-cooled gasoline engine
Driving system Original variable speed transmission system
Heating Mode LPG, energy-saving burner
Paint tank capacity 30 L
Glass beads bin 11 L
Marking equipment Manual screeding marking shoe, standard configuration 450 mm
Marking width 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm (optional)
Marking thickness 1.8 mm - 3.0 mm (adjustable)
Dimensions (L*W*H) 1550 mm × 1080 mm (depends on the size of the marking shoe)× 1060 mm
Weight 181 kg (400mm marking shoe)


1. Engine: Japanese Honda 3.0HP gasoline engine.
2. Driving system: International famous imported oil pressurized continuously variable speed transmission system (HTS) with automatic brake device that can freely go ahead, back off and stop. Driving speed: forward 0-4km/h, back off 0-3km/h. Maximum climbing capacity: 15°.
3. Operation and directional: Forward type operation overcomes the disadvantages that general pedestrian road marking machine must backward move, ensures marking quality. Lockable directional device of front wheel overcomes the problem that it is inconvenient to turn direction for general pedestrian road marking machine , ensures marking machine moving in straight line and turning freely in curved road , marking construction is much easier, faster and efficient, marking quality is much better.
4. Guide rod: Chrome plated device, easy to adjust to up, down, left or right, which makes the construction accurate.
5. Marking speed and width: Speed of 6-8km/h is two times faster than common pedestrian machine. Marking width is optional(350/400/450/500mm)according to the requirements of customer.
6. Marking shoe: Integrative marking shoe and paint tank hang inside of chassis. The knife under frame is double closed screeding structure which is made of alloy steel with imported heat resistance, abrasion resistance and oxidation resistance. The sieve in the paint tank effectively removes impurity in paint. Floor knife that contacts with the ground directly adopts imported hard tungsten steel knife-head, which has good anti-sticky ability and abrasion resistance to ensure marking straight and neat.
7. Heating mode: Petroleum liquefied gas tank supplies gas to the frontal, back nozzle and igniter, the power is controlled by different valve s respectively. The valves and nozzles are imported parts, and the connecting pipes are imported rubber pipe with he at resistance and compression resistance.
8. Glass beads bin: Automatic quantitative dispenser with the automatic clutch device that synchronous with screeding marking device. The bin has a window, from which the operator can check remaining quantity of glass beads timely. Capacity: 11L.
The automatic quantitative glassbeads dispenser which is synchronous with the paint screeding system makes the glass beads dispensing more evener and economic.
9. Chassis: A firm welded frame, back wheel is special heat resistance, abrasion resistance modified rubber wheel with diameter:250mm, which can effectively prevent from tackles or deformation caused by long-time working under high temperature. Front wheel is double structure modified rubber wheel with diameter:150mm. Both are equipped with precision steel wheel spider and high speed bearing to ensure the whole machine moving lightly and flexibly.
10. Handle: Individual design conforms to the requirements of human mechanics. The operation way can be adjusted according to the needs of the operator.
11. Parking system:convenient foot parking system makes the machine in safety condition at any time.


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