Road Marking Pre-heater

AC-VHDP-I/II/III Hydraulic Double Cylinder Thermoplastic Paint Pre-heater
AC-VHDP-I/II/III hydraulic double cylinder pre-heater are matched with thermoplastic road marking machine, and used for heating and melting thermoplastic paint, saving fuel energy and heating time, improving the construction efficiency. High efficiency melting powder paint, long time continuous working, easy operation and maintance.

AC-FHDP-I Four-wheel Hydraulic Double Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-heater
AC-FHDP-I thermoplastic paint pre-heater is a special equipment for melting thermoplastic paint and small marking machine transportation, suitable for self-propelled thermoplastic machine, can save vehicles and manpower, reduce construction cost, improve working efficiency and safety in the construction site.

AC-THDP-I/II/III Trailer Type Hydraulic Double Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-heater
AC-THDP-I/II/III trailer type thermoplastic paint pre-heater, equipped with AC-VHDP thermoplastic paint pre-heater and the hauling platform, is a special marking facility with both melting and haulage functions. Its haulage platform is used for transporting the driving-type and self-propelled thermoplastic road marking machine.

AC-VHSP-I/II/III Hydraulic Single Cylinder Thermoplastic Paint Pre-heater
AC-VHSP-I/II/III hydraulic single cylinder thermoplastic paint pre-heater is compared with AC-VHDP-I/II/III hydraulic double cylinder thermoplastic paint pre-heater, except the paint tank and control valve (single), other parameters are basically same as AC-VHDP-I/II/III.