Road Marking Materials

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint
Thermoplastic Paint is made from petoleum resin, PE wax, pigment fillinngs. When heated, the powder form turned into molten liquid, and will form hard film after coated onto road surface. ACE hot melt paint has features of skid resistance, reflective, fast drying, anti-microcrack, etc.

Cold Solvent Road Marking Paint
Cold Solvent Road Marking Paint is consisted of modified acrylic resins, pigment filling and additive, generally used in city roads and common roads consisted of asphalt pavement and concrete road surface. Low cost and convenient operation.

Two-component Road Marking Paint
Two-component road marking paint is composed of base materials and hardener. During construction, just need to mix the 2 components together with certain proportion. The hard paint film is quickly form due to chemical reaction, good internal structure, non-deformation by bad temperature.

Reflective Glass Beads
Reflective glass beads is added into road marking paints or coatings to improve the retro-reflection property of the road lines. Glass beads make the reflective marking lines reflex the headlights of the car back in parallel, so the driver could see the forward lane clearly and ensure the driving security.