Key Equipment and Workers of Road Marking Construction

Main equipment required for road marking construction contractors: 1 self-propelled road marking vehicle; 2 hand-pushed road marking machines; 1 zebra crossing machine; 1 double cylinder hot-melt kettle; 1 pre-marking machine; 2 transport vehicles. (1 primer machine, 1 sweeping machine or 1 road marking removal machine is optional.)

With the technology development and construction experience accumulation, some equipment becomes more versatile and convenient for construction. Large driving type marking machines can not only marking road lines but also do transport machines and workers, equivalent to a transport vehicle and a self-propelled marking machine. Some marking removal machine not only can remove the old pavement markings and stubborn dirt on the road but also can sweeping road clean, like a road line removal machine and a road sweeper.

Staff Required for Road Marking Construction

(1) a vehicle driver, responsible for the car driving, car maintenance, control the speed and route, and cooperate with the master operator, by walkie-talkie, ready to act the master operator’s instruction.
(2) a master operator is responsible for the use of marking equipment, and maintenance, operating the controller and making sure the marking quality.
(3) a deputy operator is responsible for adding and mixing paint in the hot-melt kettle, assisting master manipulator for construction preparation.

Note: The machine application and personnel decision was based on the actual construction work conditions flexibly. Large-scale long-distance road marking work choose big driving type road marking machine. Intersection and road cross marking prefer small hand-push type. The manual spray gun is designed for painting special signs and markings. When you purchase a road marking machine, a manual spray gun must be taken into consideration, ensure that at least 1 manual spray gun in all of your machines. According to the construction situation, when the construction cleaning the road, marking a reference line, spraying the primer are all arranged done by workers. Commonly all construction processes are arranged with adequate staff. If the construction team has extensive experience and collaborated well, worker number can be appropriately reduced.