Classification of the Road Marking Machine

According to the carrier:
Driving-type road marking machine: can be ride and driven, marking devices are attached at the front and back. It’s suitable for large project like long-distance marking. Operators should have driver license. The driving-type road marking machine saves time and labor.
Self-propelled road marking machine: it’s hand controlled, but the machine itself has a driving power, no need for man power. It’s widely applied to medium-sized projects, and short-distance road marking for its flexibility.
Hand-push road marking machine: driven and powered by operator, suitable for small project, easy to operate.
According to its materials:
Thermoplastic road marking machine: it grows together with the thermoplastic paint. It is a high degree automated machinery. The construction needs a series of devices that can finish the whole process from material melting to line marking. It usually contains road marking pre-heater, road marking machine, road pre-marker, and primer sprayer. And you can customize your private road marking machine. The thermoplastic road marking machine also cab be divided as spraying type, screeding type and extruding type.
Cold paint road marking machine: it’s the oldest road marking machine that can manage the marking job by itself. Its materials can be divided into cold solvent traffic coating, hot solvent traffic coating and hot-melt traffic coating.
Two-component road marking machine: it’s the latest developed high-end road marking machine in recent years. The coating method of this kind is very different from thermoplastic and cold paint road marking machines. It relies on internal chemical crosslinking to form the coatings. It has swing structure type, screeding flat-line type and high-pressure airless spraying type based on its paint types.