Reasons Why the Road Markings Fall Off

1. Road was not carefully cleaned in the marking process, dirt and other impurities influenced the adhesion between road and paint, resulting in separation. 
2. The base oil was not dry enough before the marking process. The function of base oil is to enhance the connection between marks and roads. If the base oil is still wet, it can’t play an efficient role. Also lacking of base oil is the same.
3. Wet road condition, it’s often seen in many parts of the south. Sometimes the road looks dry enough a period time after the rain. Actually, there are still vapor coming out of the road surface. If you decide to do the markings now, you will have your road makings fall off in the future. 
4. Low marking temperature. Low marking temperature will cause the paint and resin insufficient bond and uneven mixing. So the coating won’t fully stick to the ground. However the temperature shouldn’t be too high as well.
5. The paint contains insufficient resin. The resin plays two roles: combines all materials and pigments inside the paint and makes the paint adhesive to the road. If the resin is lacking, the adhesion is not strong enough.
6. Poor quality of resin in coating. Carbon 5 petroleum resin is the optimized material in paint coatings. Some companies will choose the rosin resin or other petroleum resin, resulting in a bad adhesion performance.
7. Too many large particles in the paint, the gradation is poor. The material size is as important as material quality. Large particles will affect the fluid uniformity, so heavy parts will be separated from the light ones, easily causing future falling.