AC-TMAL-I/II Truck Mounted Cold Paint Airless Road Marking Machine

AC-TMAL-I/II Truck Mounted Cold Paint Airless Road Marking MachineAC-TMAL-I/II Truck Mounted Cold Paint Airless Road Marking Machine is used for long distance marking. The machine should be installed in the corresponding position of the truck with the related spraying equipment, such as spraying gun bracket, guide rod and encoder.

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Technical Data

Engine Kohler or Honda 13 HP gasoline engine
Air compressor 0.6 m3/min
Applied paint Cold solvent paint, water-based paintCold solvent, water-based, two-component paint
Paint tank capacity 110 L
Glass beads bin Without110 L, sprayingWithout110 L, spraying
Paint pump Double pumpSingle pumpSingle pumpDouble pump
Maximum pressure: 25 MPa. Single pump flow: 20 L/min
Spray gun Double pneumatic spraying guns, single manual spraying gun
Marking width 50 mm - 500 mm (adjustable)
Control system Digital intelligent control system
Dimensions (L*W*H) 1130 × 1290 × 1410 (mm)1110 × 1260 × 1410 (mm)1130 × 1290 × 1410 (mm)
Weight 380 kg455 kg650 kg735 kg
Optional system Guide warning screen, pre-marking system, trailer, swing type, screeding type and two-component type


1. Please mount the host and other related components on the corresponding positions on the truck prior to use. Road Marking equipment can be removed when it is not required, which doesn't affect the normal use of the vehicle.
2. Automatic hydraulic stirring system ensures uniform components of paint, furthermore improves paint performance and extends service life of paint coating.
3. Faster traveling speed does not require the additional transport. It is suitable to mark lines on roads, expressways and city streets.
4. New high-pressure airless plunger pump with big flow and stable pressure ensures efficient and high-quality road line marking work.
5. Marking width can be adjusted freely according to construction situation. All the spray guns can be controlled separately.
6. Sensitive, precise and stable computer control system helps achieve all the functions.
7. The user can choose to equip cleaning system to make sure that hose and spray guns are cleaned timely, or pre-marking system to pre-mark lines before or besides marking lines.
8. For type II 18HP engine can be equipped so that four pneumatic air spray guns can work at the same time to mark extra-wide lines at the airport.


AC-TMAL cold paint road marking machineAC-TMAL cold paint road marking machine 01AC-TMAL cold paint road marking machine 02

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