AC-MTS Middle Driving-type Thermoplastic Spraying Road Marking Machine

AC-MTS Middle Driving-type Thermoplastic Spraying Road Marking Machine are low-pressure air spraying thermoplastic road marking machine with high efficiency and flexibility. It can serve long distance and continuous line marking work. The spray thickness is adjustable and not effected by the old marking line.

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Technical Data

Model AC-MTS
Engine 37 kW diesel engine
Air compressor 3 m3/min, screw type
Heating Mode Liquefied petroleum gas, conducting oil heating, automatic temperature control
Paint tank capacity 250 L pressure tank
Glass beads bin 120 L
Marking equipment Equipped with single air spray guns
Marking width 100 mm - 250 mm (adjustable)
Marking thickness 1.0 mm - 2.0 mm (adjustable)
Control system Digital intelligent control system
Dimensions (L*W*H) 4100 mm × 1900 mm × 2100 mm
Weight 2800 kg
Optional system Guide warning screen, pre-marking system, and trailer


Sensitive, precise and stable micro-electronic control system, can realized diverse operational functions easily.
Advanced hydraulic drive with infinitely variable speed control system, more precise speed control and adjustment.
Drive optimization design can control the machine more efficiently and safe in case of emergency.
Large capacity pressurized paint tank and glass bead bin, keep the continuity of long-distance marking job.
Conduction oil and internal vertical hydraulic agitator ensures efficiently and evenly heating.
Adjustable single pneumatic atomizing spray gun, marking width and thickness can be adjusted flexibly according to individual requirements.
Infrared furnace, save fuels more than 50%, 3 times thermal efficiency than normal furnace.
Sensitive, precise and stable computer control system, easier realizes all operations.
Omnibearing warning system, more safe during construction.


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