Characteristics of Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

1. Quick-drying. The thermoplastic road marking paint should dry in a short time (within 5 minutes), no matter what climate it is. Common thermoplastic road reflective coatings have good quick-drying (hardening) performance, however, the drying process is faster in winter than summer. It’s better to reduce the molten state temperature of the paint to cut down the hardening time.

2. Adhesion property. The thermoplastic road marking paint has a strong connection with roads, it’s hard to break or peel off the paint from the road surface. You neither need to worry about the car sliding and car breaking, nor the heat-expansion and cold-contraction. The coating agent is pre-painted to enhance the adhesion between thermoplastic road coatings and roads, that’s why their connection is so firm.

3. Visual visibility. Whether it is day or night, thermoplastic road marking paint should be clear and visible within enough visual distance. It’s very easy to handle this in the daytime since the visibility depends on the quality of the paint. But the visibility in the night depends on the reflective glass beads distribution and the temperature control during construction. Too many or too few beads both can affect the reflection performance. The construction temperature will influence the subsidence of the glass bead; whether it excessively or insufficiently subsidies won’t be good to the reflection. Study shows that the reflection will be optimized when half of the glass beads sink into the paints.

4. Abrasion and Climate resistance. Friction is the whole thing for the automobile to move forward, and the friction asks highly on marking lines. And the rocks and sands make it harsher. So the abrasion resistance tells bad or good of the thermoplastic road marking paint. Climate sometimes can be ignored by people, yet it’s the killer for many roads and road paintings. So choosing the climate-resistant road marking paint and adjusting the paint proportion according to the weather is very necessary.