Introduction of Colorful Road Marking Material

To effectively reduce and avoid accidents, the whole world have been researching and testing some of the featured road marking materials that can remind the drivers in accident-prone intersections to keep safe. According to the statistics, application of road safety facilities achieved a good result in Concord, California, reducing accidents by 21% to 67%.

Now our company supplies you the colored road marking material which is one of important safety signs on roads, it’s anti-slippery and eye-catching for cars and drivers. Besides, it also can be used as decorating to the road beautification.

Settings and functions of the colorful marking material

The two main reasons why the color pavement can reduce traffic accidents: first, by adding the wear resistant particles in pavement material, the abrasive surface will increase the anti-skid factor. According to the test, the anti-skid factor of ordinary pavement under wet condition is about 45 (bpn value), while the anti-skid factor of colorful paved road is about 78 (bpn value), even when a fairly worn vehicle drives in wet conditions, the anti-skid factor can also reach 76. So we can tell a 68% increasing in the colored roads compared with ordinary ones. Secondly, the convex surfaceof the road gets to height 5mm, the slight jolt will remind the drivers to slow down. Thirdly, color contrast provides a strong and vivid visual impact which will grab drivers’ attention to the speed.

Types and differences of colored pavement material

The colorful marking material can be classified as thermoplastic type and two-component type. The thermoplastic type colorful marking paint is similar to thermoplastic road marking paint, which is solid powder containing hard aggregates and special thermoplastic resin. When construction, operator needs to melt the powder in the road marking pre-heater with 190 ℃ -210 ℃ temperature, then uses the marking machines to paint the material on the road. The two-component colorful marking paint is a new generation of acrylic coating material that appears as solid. People need no large machinery in the construction, but simply mix the base materials with curing agent in certain ratio, and then adopts the roller coating method to mark the signs. At last, add the skid resistant sands and wait for the rapid chemical reactions in which the paint film will be generated and makes the road colorful.