Classification of Road Marking Machine

According to the individual marking jobs and local circumstances, road marking machines are divided into two groups:

1. Hand guided machines
Some of them having their own drive system, where the operator walks behind the machine steering and controlling the direction. Normally such type of machines has a material container capacity of approx. 20 – 50L for glass beads and approx. 100L for hot plastic.

hand guided road marking machines

Typical areas of operation are: parking lots, intersections, industrial areas, sports grounds and smaller road marking applications.

parking lots intersections industrial areas

2. Self-propelled machines

Middle-size, big-size as well as truck-mounted road marking machines with varying material container capacities of approx. 200 L – 3000L proportionally to the size of the machine and the marking material to be applied.

self-propelled road marking machines
Typical fields of operation are: Town and highway markings as well as motor ways and airport markings.

town and highway markings