There are three ways to mark the roads with information. One way is to paint the information onto the surface, another is by applying thermoplastic road markings and the last way is by a temporary road marking tape.


The road markings are usually made with a special spray machine and it is then applied to the road at a slow pace. Painting the roads is a low cost option but it doesn't offer the grip that rival systems do. Another disadvantage is that painting is extremely hard to remove.

thermoplastic road markings

Hot Applied Thermoplastic Road Markings
Advantages include good durability, transfer from machine to road quickly low cost and have a high skid resistance. This form is used throughout the network as a permanent marking.

temporary road marking tape

Temporary Road Marking Tape
When transferred onto the road it is durable for at least three months. It offers good skid resistance however it is quite expensive and is slow to apply due to the nature of having to lay it. Its biggest disadvantage is that it will not stick to the carriageway in wet or cold conditions.