AC-MT Hand-Push Multi-functional Thermoplastic Screeding Road Marking Machine

AC-MT thermoplastic road marking machineAC-MT hand-push multi-functional thermoplastic screeding road marking machine not only can be used for normal marking, zebra marking construction, but also can be used as a pre-heater to melt thermoplastic paints. Save construction time, improve construction efficiency.

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Technical Data

Model AC-MT
Heating Mode LPG, infrared or direct-fired burner
Paint tank capacity 93 L
Glass beads bin 12 L
Marking equipment Manual screeding marking shoe, standard configuration 150 mm
Marking width 100 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm (optional)
Marking thickness 1.8 mm - 3.0 mm (adjustable)
Dimensions (L*W*H) 1220 mm × 900 mm × 1100 mm
Weight 205 kg
Optional system Seat trailer


1. Perfect equipment for small road marking project.
2. The screeding marking shoe makes the marking perfectly straight and beautiful.
3. The automatic quantitative dispenser which is synchronous with the paint screeding system makes the glass beads dispensing much evener and more economic.
4. The back wheel directional device makes sure the straight walking or curve turning freely.
5. Dual-use machine also can be used as a thermoplastic per-heater to melt materials.

Note: Using 400mm marking shoe, the AC-MT thermoplastic machine could meet the need of pedestrian lines marking construction.


AC-MT thermoplastic road marking machine

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