AC-MSTC Middle Driving type Two-Component Paint Road Marking Machine

AC-MSTC Middle Driving type Two-Component Paint Road Marking MachineAC-MSTC middle driving type two-component paint road marking machine is used for highway and urban area road line marking, having swing structure type, screeding flat-line type and high-pressure airless spraying type.

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Technical Data

Engine 26 kW water-cooled three-cylinder gasoline engine
Air compressor 0.6 m3/min
Paint tank capacity 700L
Hardener tank capacity 100 L
Glass beads bin 100 L
Paint pump Double high-pressure airless pumps; Maximum pressure: 20 MPa; Single pump flow: 20 L/min
Spray gun Four pneumatic spraying guns, single manual spraying gun, especially for airport lines
Marking width 100 mm - 1000 mm (adjustable)
Control system Digital intelligent control system
Dimensions (L*W*H) 5300 mm × 2200 mm × 2300 mm
Weight 2800 kg
Optional system Guide warning screen, pre-marking system, trailer, swing type, screeding type


Advanced hydraulic drive CVT system , adjust and control speed accurately.
Driving optimal design can control the machine effectively and ensure safety in an emergency.
High capacity double room paint tank and glass beads tank can ensure long distance and continuous road marking.
New type high pressure airless piston pump , stable pressure and high flow can ensure high efficiency and high quality road marking.
The width of road marking line can be adjustable according to customer's request.
Automatic paint stirring system can ensure stir equably, and improve the performance of paint effectively, and improve the durability of road marking line.
Long wheel tread can ensure road marking line more straight, and reduce the effect of human factors, and improve the quality of road marking line obviously.
Sensitive, precise and stable microelectronic control system can be operated easily.
Double seats which can be chosen freely according to the driver's request.
All-around warning system ensure safety during construction.
Optional system include pre-marking, trailer, swing type, screeding type.

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