On Mar. 21, 2012, Asian Construction Equipment Group Co., Ltd. delivery AC-HPT to Philippines from Tianjin port.


AC-HPT Hand-Push Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine Marking Width is 100,150,200,300mm, and thickness is 1.5-2.5mm through adjusting the screeding knife.


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Q. Michael, is the machine AC-HPT capable of marking 3.5mm and 8 inch width:

A: The marking thickness of the marking shoe is usually 1.8-2.5mm, and could adjust to your required 3.5mm, but please notice that if the marking thickness is too big, that may influence the effect of the marking. The AC-HPT equipped with a standard 15cm marking shoe, and also have 10/15/20/25/30mm marking width optional.


Q: I will need 10cm and 15cm

A: ok, no problem, the latest price have been sent to your mail box, please check.


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