AC-HAL send to Africa successfully

At 6th,Jan 2012, Asian Construction Equipment Group Co., Ltd. delivered AC-HAL Hand-push Airless Road Marking Machine to our client in Africa..

AC-HAL is a hand-push type airless road marking machine, which is use cold solvent paint. It is usually use small project , such as in airport, car park,workshop line marking.


Events playback:

Q. I need road marking machine,please send me price.

A: Well, please first confirm the marking paint for selecting the correct machine.

Q: Both hot thermoplastic paint and cold paint.

A: One machine cannot use both of the two paint. Machine is different.

Q: Well, the cold paint mainly.

A: So, the AC-HAL is very applicable and economical for small project.

EngineRobin or Honda,

Marking Width:100-450mm.

Details could be download on our websiteDocument--Product Catalogue.

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AC-HAL-I_road_making_machine_2 AC-HAL-I_road_marking_machine_3 AC-HAL-I_road_marking_machine_1