Accessories and Function of Road Marking Machine

1. Marking width: the international general standard of road marking width is 15 cm. But considering the road marking machine may be applied in parking lots, communities, etc, so it is wise to purchase marking machines with adjustable marking width, it will help you to rationally use and save the paint. The general adjusting range is from 5 to 15 cm.

2. Paint classifications: the often used paints are water-soluble type and solvent type. If your road marking machine can adopt both paints, you can make your business scope expanded to sports turf and other places.

3. Hand holding spray gun: it allows you to freely spray marks on the ground, stand columns and other places. The hand holding spray gun has gradually become the one of the standard outfits.

4. Cleaning system: Some of the road marking machines are equipped with an auto-clean system. It quickly cleans the pipe system after work, to make your cleaning time cut to half.

5. The Reflective Glass Beads: Road construction companies should also consider the glass beads spray system because some countries take the glass beads into their standards.

6. Curve marking: some road marking machines have an additional wheel in the rear to let the operator turn the machine when working at turns or intending to spray fancy lines.

More complete functions have higher prices, and there will be more potential failures. Therefore, never let the unpractical functions attract your focus, but choose based on your need and budget. In addition, things like the craft, guarantee period, after-sale service and accessory parts are also the factors you need to consider.