Things Need to Know Before Purchasing the Road Marking Machine

Today’s traffic is well developed. All kinds of road marks and lines became the protection for us to walk, drive and ride. The quality of marks and lines determines their service life, so choosing the right road marking machine is very important before you buy one. Here is what you should know:

1. Engine: Most road marking machines are taking engine as a power source, only a few are battery-powered. Well, the engines have power around 2.5HP to 20HP with different brands, generally speaking, famous brands have stronger points, such as stable performance and easy procurement of spare parts. Since the engine almost decides the whole performance of the machine, you really need to put it into consideration.

2. Air compressor: For road marking machines relying on air pressure (rather than hydraulic pressure), the air compressor will also affect the overall performance of the machine. Like the engine, you should consider buying the internationally renowned brands of air compressors. Within the reasonable range, the air compressor with larger air discharge is better than others.

3. Material barrel: it has two main functions: First, holding the materials, in this way, the size of the barrel can affect the capacity and efficiency of material charging. Another function is to provide power for the marking process by generating pressure in the barrel. So its sealing, safety and corrosion resistance ought to be considered. Most of the well-made material barrels are made of stainless steel.

4. Spray gun: there are two spray types in current the market, one is the "spray box" which is relatively cheaper and suitable for sports turf and common parking lots; another is the spray gun that suitable for larger road constructions and civil works.