Indonesia Client Ordered Three Sets of Road Marking Machine from Dayu Machinery

On 1th Dec, 2014, we got the inquiry from the Indonesia customers about our road marking machine. Through continuous discussion about the machine, our customer finally placed the order on 1th, June 2015 and payed the advance payment to us.

We only spent half month to produce the machine needed by our customers, which includes three road marking machines, 2T white hot melting coating and 0.4t glass beading. On 15th June, 2015, Indonesia client came to China and checked his ordered products.He was very satisfied with all the products and payed the spare money to us on 30th June. We delivered the products to him on the same day successfully.

As Asia's largest road construction equipment manufacturer, ACE Group provide the widest range of road marking equipment base on ISO9001, ISO14001 management systems, and CE, GOST certified. ACE road marking machinery have been exported to more than ninety countries and regions, such as Australia, France, Russia, Chile, Ecuador, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Mexico, Morocco, Kenya, Oman, Nigeria, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Zambia etc.

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