Innovative Colorful Zebra Marking Appeared in Urumqi, China

A "colored zebra crossing" appeared in a creative industry park gateway, in Urumqi, China, attracted the attentions of many people. Composed colors of red orange green indigo purple, the colored zebra crossing is like a rainbow bridge lying in the road.

Compared with the ordinary white zebra crossing, the new innovative line marking has a certain impact to visual sense, visible from faraway.

The colorful zebra crossing is made of reflective marking tapes, with night reflective effect and anti-slippery effect. Colored zebra crossing, vivid and bright, can prompt the driver slowed down consciously, and also attract pedestrians to the color pattern, playing a stronger warning role. Besides, the artistic atmosphere can alleviate the driver's anxious mood.

This is another creative road marking lines, if the effect is good, more and more creative zebra crossing will be popularized.

colored zebra crossing in Urumqi, China colored zebra crossing in Urumqi, China