ACE Welcome Nigeria Customer Visit Road Marking Machine Factory

On October 16th, 2013, we were very pleased a client from Nigeria visited our road marking machinery factory.

During this visit, the focus of this Nigerian friend is thermoplastic paint machines. He carefully learned the AC-SPT self-propelled thermoplastic road marking machine, thermoplastic paint,reflective glass beads and paint melting machine AC-VHDP preheater.

He showed us the model of the thermoplastic lines of his construction project and discussed more details with our engineers about thermoplastic road marking machines, such as engine, heating mode, line width, paint tank, glass beads system, etc.

Due to the high requirements of his road construction project, he also had a detailed understanding about the pre-mark machine AC-HP.

This successful visiting, with goodwill and mutual trust, laid a firm foundation for our good cooperation in the future.

Nigeria Customer Visited ACE's Paint Preheater Nigeria Customer Visited Hand-pushed Thermo Machine

Nigeria Customer Visited ACE's Thermo Road Paint