Vietnam Customer Came to Check and Confirm Their Ordered Machine Production Details

On June 15th, 2013, two Vietnam customers came to visit our road marking machine factory and check their ordered machine production details.

This visit, they were aimed to check their ordered machines and confirm production details. The AC-STM-II small driving thermoplastic screeding convex road marking machine and AC-VHDP-I vertical hydraulic double-cylinder pre-heater has been completed almostly.

Due to repaint the new yellow orange color according to customers' requirements, AC-STM-II road marking machine not finished its assembling. So our customers measured the height of the paint tank and the pre-heater, do some preparation work for mounting them on the truck. They are very pleased with ACE road marking machines.

Meanwhile, we signed the Agent Contract of road marking machines for 3 years.

Following pictures show you more details:

Vietnam-customer-check-machine-paint-tank Vietnam-customer-visit-their-driving-typr-machine

Vietnam-customer-check-the-paint-preheater Vietnam-customer-check-the-paint-preheater