2013 SNIEC Road Construction and Maintenance Expo

Exhibition time
June 9-11, 2013
Display Address
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (No. 2345 Longyang Road, Shanghai)
Hall Name
Shanghai New International Expo Center

road construction machinery expo

Exhibition Hall Introduction
Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) is one of the most attractive Convention and Exhibition Center in the world, with 17 single column-free exhibition hall, an indoor exhibition area of 200,000 square meters, 100,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition area. The SNIEC by virtue of its unique geographical advantage, advanced and practical exhibition hall facilities, and professional quality of service has become a major international exhibition platform to promote economic exchanges at home and abroad.

This exhibition will bring together the powerful technology of road construction and maintenance, machinery and equipment and related products suppliers home and abroad. Organizers with many years of extensive exhibition experience strong organization and propaganda work will be carried out, to attract domestic and foreign leaders, engineers and technicians and trade buyers from construction, building materials, concrete, highway, municipal, railway, water conservancy, gravel, cement, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry and other related industries, offering innovative products and technology solutions for the majority of professionals. By then, buyers and suppliers will gather an exchange of key technologies, interactive business environment and industry peers, exhibitors will get an excellent opportunity to expand their business. It focuses dedicated to promoting exchanges and cooperation in the road construction and maintenance technology, machinery, and equipment enterprises, and users, for global road construction and maintenance technology, machinery and equipment manufacturers to provide a set of image display, branding, marketing in one powerful platform suppliers and buyers win-win event.

Equipment and products will be exhibited are in the following 9 categories.
1. Road construction machinery: asphalt paver, asphalt mixing plant, cement slip form pavers, road nap, stabilized soil paver, stabilized soil mixing plant, stabilized soil, mixing machine.
2. Compaction machinery: single drum compactor, tandem roller, tire roller, static roller rollers, light roller, rammer, plate compactor.
3. Asphalt material batching equipment: asphalt heating and storage equipment, the asphalt drum equipment, modified asphalt equipment, rubber asphalt preparation equipment, emulsified asphalt preparation equipment, additives and additive materials manufacturing and feeding devices.
4. Road traffic and road appearance maintenance equipment: traffic line marking cars, roadway sweeper, fence washing cars, tunnel cleaning vehicles, highway greening equipment, slope protection machine, snow removal vehicles, ice removing vehicles.
5. Road maintenance machinery: filling machine, pit repair machine, asphalt distributor, maintenance equipment, multi-function maintenance vehicle, gravel spreaders, sealer, slurry sealing machine, immediate cold or heat recycling machine, cold mix plant, hot material recycling machine.
6. Road emergency rescue equipment: road emergency dispatching system, wrecker, car emergency rescue equipment, rapid bridge vehicles, roads comprehensive support vehicles, road construction, maintenance materials.
7. Road testing equipment: construction materials testing and testing equipment, bridges and pile testing equipment, road testing and non-destructive testing equipment.
8. Road and bridge facilities and maintenance materials: asphalt materials; asphalt mixture; asphalt recycling technology; concrete highways material; waterproof material; Road fibers, crack reinforcing material; colored pavement materials, road repair materials; skid material; Road Synthesis and chemical materials, additives; sealant; coagulant; asphalt anti-stripping agent; safety nets, covers, noise with traffic signs, reflective materials and coating paint and other environmental road of new materials. 9.Bridge intelligent management system: intelligent traffic management, intelligent traffic control and management, dynamic route guidance, intelligent signal system, public transport priority systems, intelligent vehicle management system, smart card system, charging system, intelligent dispatch center, road speed radar and monitoring system.