ACE Brand Road Marking Equipment Export to France

10th May, 2013, Asian Construction Equipment Group Co., Ltd. delivered abroad a set of auxiliary road marking equipment, thermoplastic paint pre-heater, from factory, which will be sent to France. ACE machine was accepted by more and more Europe customers with high quality.

AC-VHDP-I/II Vertical Hydraulic Double-cylinder Pre-heater is matched with thermoplastic road marking machine, and used for melting thermoplastic paint. It improves the road line marking efficiency greatly.
VHDP with Diesel Engine originally, but as customer request, they are prefer to Electrical type. With the technology approved, and testing on and on, the first two sets of Electrical Type Pre heater was researched succeed. ACE not only produce and sell our own products, also commits to solve customer real problem.

Machine details could be download on our website´╝ÜDocument--Product Catalogue.
Here is the link:
AC-VHDP-I Vertical Hydraulic Double-cylinder Pre-Heater.pdf

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ACE Road Marking Equipment Preheater Export to France

ACE Road Marking Equipment Preheater Export to France